spain pavilion milano expo 2015 - international competition

milan, italia

carra angelo, redaelli mario, riva federica

with studio alberto campo baeza and studio melesi,

pirolo sergio umberto

drilling through clouds

on the light. when the solid light passes through the translucent light. the project makes a reflection on the light in architecture improving the use and seeking new opportunities for control in a precise manner. light is the most valuable material they work with architects. since, given that get for free sometimes do not recognize the appropriate value. cannot be architecture without light, as cannot be music without air: architectura sine luce nulla architectura est. the solid light of the sun, well-dosed through the gaps of the upper horizontal surface with skylights in the roof, or through the voids of the vertical planes of the perimeter walls with windows, it puts stress-space created by the architects. the light in the space is so indispensable as the air in the music instrument. if there is so clear the situation of shaded space drilled from solid light, it shouldn’t be less than that of a translucent space perforated by the same solid light. it will be possible that the same sunlight, the light solid, that "break" the darkness of space in the shadow, unable to put in "tension" also translucent space? with the idea of continuing this chapter of the architecture’s history and realizing another step about theme of light, imagine a new kind of space creates new possibilities. it's like a cloud. the most mysterious space. the most awesome. the most exciting. we want to create a dream. a translucent white box. with a double skin polycarbonate translucent white externally, and internally a blank canvas. two skins, one external and one internal supported by a light mesh structure. a logical structure, removable, and very economical, which can be rented during the exhibition period. the translucent external skin is perforated to capture the sunlight. the internal skin, which is also translucent, is opened at the same position. the direct sunlight is filtered through the translucent light of cloud that floods our space. and the solid light touches the floor. the light of the sun, so treated and valued, moves brushing the walls of our space, surprising visitors to the expo in milan. the project, after the intense work, is accurate, simple and effective. able to move. and able to remain forever in the memories and hearts.

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